Coronavirus and Escorts in Prague

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Unless you are a hermit or have been living in a cave for the last month, you will be aware of the outbreak of coronavirus in Prague, or COVID-19. If you search online for advice, there is plenty of information about how the virus can be transmitted and how we can protect ourselves against it.

Here at SecretGirl Prague we feel it important to pass on what we have learned about the virus so that if you have used the services of an escort in Prague in the past, or are thinking of contacting a Prague escort in the near future, you have a better understanding of the risks that may now exist.


The virus “lives” in the respiratory tract, which is why it is important to keep your distance from anyone who you suspect may have the virus. They only need to sneeze or cough, and they will expel the virus in airborne particles.

Consequently, we are all being advised to avoid crowds or being in confined spaces with other people, and that we must wash our hands regularly. The reason for that is that it is though our mouth, nose or eyes that we can become infected, and we are forever touching our face with our hands. Coronavirus can remain on any surface for several hours, so we can inadvertently transfer it from that surface onto our hands, then to our face.

So, what about escorts and coronavirus?

Well, let’s look at the statistics and who are most at risk from the disease. It would appear that anyone over the age of 80 is at risk, but you don’t get many Prague escorts of that age. Those with long-term illnesses are at risk, as are those with heart disease or lung disease, in other words, those with underlying health problems. Prague escorts do not fall into that category and nor do their clients.

There is also a very good article in about sex and coronavirus.

Reports indicate that form those who are physically fit and in very good health, the effects of coronavirus can be very minor and certainly not life threatening.

As for contracting the virus, well if you feel the urge to kiss your escort, that heightens the risk, as does any close intimate contact, so our advice is to be sensible. If your escort appears to have a cold, a cough or the flu, our advice would be to tell her she should self-isolate and report her illness to a doctor, and keep your distance. However, it would surprise us if you found yourself in that position as Prague escorts are far from irresponsible.

We will also be sharing this advice with our sister sites, SecretGirl New Zealand, and SecretGirl Australia.

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