A little bit about being an escort in Prague

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I can’t tell you my name as that would be unfair on the other Prague escorts that promote themselves on SecrtetGirlPrague, a website, I have to say, which is one of the best you can use if you are looking for an escort in Prague to entertain you and to pass away a few special, unforgettable hours.

I want to tell you a little bit about what we get up to when we go out on a date with a ‘friend. We don’t like to call you customers or clients as that is not really what you are to us.

Czech escorts really are special

We like to be treated respectfully as, after all, we are women. Our favourite date is to be taken out for a meal first, nothing too fancy, unless you are on an ‘expenses paid’ business trip! If not, then just meeting in a bar can be a nice way to start. Very quickly you will find that, personally, I will be interested in you as, after all, you’re going to have a story to tell. Everyone has a story to tell, whether you are a Czech escort or one of the popular Russian girls you will find on here.

How do you fancy an erotic massage – Prague escorts are really very adept!

One we have had a bit of ‘outdoors entertainment’ you can always ask me back to your room for another drink, and maybe I can let you see just how much I have enjoyed your company. Of course, it doesn’t have to be an erotic massage, I am always open to listening to what you may want to do. Perhaps you will just want a game of cards, though never try to beat me at strip poker as I will always win.

Want to know more about escort in Prague, or escorts Praha, then check out all there is to discover on SecretGirlPrague but be aware of one thing, we are very different in the way we ‘operate’ in relation to prostitutes in Prague.

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