Erofest 2018 is coming to Prague This December. Here are 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Erotic Fair


If barely clad busty ladies, the most talented pole dancers in the world, hot tub shows and meet and greets with your favorite porn stars isn’t enough to get you jumping at the chance for a ticket, here are five reasons why Erofest + erotic fair 2018 in Prague should be on your bucket list.

1. It’s happening in December, so you have plenty of time to book

Prague is a city that hold delights for just about everyone. Amazing restaurants, beautiful women, gorgeous ancient architecture, cheap food and drink, rich history… the list goes on and on. Honestly, we feel like we could be here all day, listing off any number of great reasons to visit the bustling metropolis. December is a great time to visit Prague, the tourist season is off, so you’ll be able to lounge in the city’s luxe finery without being hassled by noisy tourists. Visiting the Erofest + Erotic Fair 2018

2. You can get up close and personal with Porn Stars from around the world.

This years MC is Tarra White, an 8 time award winning Pornography actress from the Czech Republic, but prepare to get star stuck with all of the other world renown porn stars that adorn the colorful and playful booths that line the walkways and corridors. Autograph booths are set up so you can get yourself signed photos of your favorites, so you can easily get you spank bank to come to life.

3. Up your sex toy game

You can peruse the latest and greatest advancements in sex toy technology. Interactive displays with the newest trends in toys. The erotic fair is geared towards singles and couples alike of all ages, providing you’re over the age of 18. Sex toys aren’t the only sexy enhancements on display. Look over racks of fetish gear and fashion, luxurious lingerie, and even plastic surgery or personal enhancement therapies.

4. Eat, drink, and relax

Cocktails and snacks abound in the Erofest + Erotic fairground. Feel free to sip and nibble while you slip into any of the whirlpools or modern spa tubs. The erotic fair is all about exploring personal sexuality and igniting your imagination (and libido), for all the possibilities that are available to you. There’s even a school of seduction and fetish zone for you to be able to delve into sex scenery that may be new for you and your favorite partner.

5. Tattoos, Cannabis, and Makeup, Oh My!

While Erofest 2018 has everything you need to indulge in your deepest sexual desires, they also have introductions to taboos of every kind. Beautiful body painting stretches over the canvas of sumptuous bodies, naked except for the deft brush strokes that will entice and fascinate. If the body paint doesn’t get your eye roaming, beautiful women covered in detailed and beautiful tattoos abound. Visit the Cannabis shop to get the hottest news on how to enhance your mood and your wellbeing.

Make sure and bring a friend to get the full sensual experience of all the greatest ways to play. At SecretGirl Prague we have both Agency and Independent ladies that will happily accompany you to the Erofest + Erotic Fair 2018  and maybe even try out a new sex toy or two!


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