10 (Proven) Tips on How to Become an Independent Escort

Become an Independent Escort

Want to become the girl that everyone is dying to book? Follow these flawless tips to become the next independent escort hit girl.

No matter what industry you work in, there always seems to be that one colleague who is just doing it better. They secure more business, everyone seems to like them, and they’re just damn good at their jobs. This is true even if you’re an independent escort. So take it from me- I am that girl. I am an independent escort It girl and I’ve got ten proven tips to help you maximize your bookings and your revenue.

1. Pictures are worth a thousand words

Pictures are the impulse purchase. They are the first thing that prospective clients see when searching through literally thousands of independent escorts. Make sure that your main photo perfectly describes what you offer your clients- from the look on your face to body language, to lingerie or outfits, this initial photo is what will get them wanting to see more.

 2. Smiles directly affect appointment lengths

Most of the girls that are new independent escorts seem to think that they need to look pouty or throw out a lusty “O” face look. This is great, if all you’re looking to book is a 20 min PSE. If you’re hoping to snag longer appointments, or repeat clients, you have to look like someone who is fun to be around. Have in mind the type of clientele you’d like to attract, and then take the time to figure out what exactly it is that particular demographic is looking for.

3. Keep your website fresh

Marketing your website is only half the battle. Update pictures and profile information often. Possibly look into adding a message board section, or maybe an erotic fiction blog… Whatever it is, make sure that your clients have something worth coming back for, and ensure that that content uses relevant keywords and backlinks.

4. Stay fit

Seems to be a bit of a no-brainer, but I’ve seen some of the It girls turn a bit sh–… If you’re on top, stay on top. Make sure that you have a fitness regime and that you stay toned and flexible. Make sure that your hair, makeup, skincare, and nails are all in top form at all times. This general guideline goes for any girl. Even if you’re a feeder, don’t forget a bit of cardio now and again, because as an independent escort- you’re going to need some stamina.

5. Be healthy

Unless it specifically deviates from your brand, make healthy choices. It will never cease to amaze me how incredible I look after 7 hours of sleep, exercise, balanced meals, and plenty of water. Your skin glows, your mind is on point. If you want to be an independent escort that’s in demand, you have to look fresh and flawless at all times. Living a baseline healthy lifestyle makes that much easier to achieve, even on the days where you haven’t had much sleep and maybe a bit too much bubbly.

6. Know how to turn on the charm

A huge part of being a successful and in-demand independent escort is your charisma. You have to be easy to talk to, intelligent, but not condescending, enchanting, teasing, a bit naughty, always nice. Essentially you have to be able to captivate whatever audience you may be subjected to at any particular moment. You have to know when to shine and when to fade into the background.  Learning to appropriately read, and respond to any given situation is what separates the high market independent escorts, from the girls giving blowjobs in alleyways.

7. Read, read, read

Read more. Read more books, articles, blogs, whatever. But read more. The more you read, the more eloquent you will become verbally. If you’re looking to secure upper echelon clientele, you’re going to need to know your way around the business world and the political world. If nothing else, at minimum read up on some basic psychology and existentialism, which will allow you to better understand the way other people think, feel, and behave. This will help make your clients feel more comfortable with you and build trust- which will, in turn, provide you with a packed calendar of wonderful clients.

8. Confidence is key

Professionalism, confidence, and trust are all terms that are closely related to one another. It’s important that you not only feel confident about how you look but also who you are and what you do. Establishing professional boundaries and knowing when to enforce them is incredibly important in the business of being a successful independent escort. Engendering trust with your clients early on is a sure fire way to get repeat and regular bookings, which will make your life much easier, your schedule fuller, and your bank account fatter.

9. Be flexible

It’s important to stay physically flexible for more than one obvious reason, no one wants to pull a hamstring in the middle of an appointment. But more so than that, keep a regular schedule, and always be mindful of your professional boundaries, but be understanding when it comes to the inhibitions and inherent discomforts of your clients. Many of them have lives that are completely separate and entirely unrelated to you and your appointment. Be understanding of the difficulty this can cause many men, and be as flexible as you can in case any alterations need to occur.

10.  Have something that makes you unique

I know I’ve said it quite a few times, but there are THOUSANDS of independent escorts out there. Who offer all different menus, at all different prices, for all different people. Ensure that your brand is specific to your ideal clientele, but also have something that makes you unique to any of the other independent escorts who operate within your clientele genre. Make sure that a bright little part of your personal addition to the industry shines through and you’ll be the next independent escort It girl in no time.


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