Not what you were expecting when you Googled Escort in Prague!

last escort in prage

The Ford escort has been around for over fifty years, yet it is not a model you see too often in Prague. We Googled Ford escort in Prague and we were disappointed in the number of suitable images we could find, though we were impressed with this Ford Cosworth Escort in Prague at the Legendy Show in 2018.

However, if you are a car aficionado, and escorts in Prague is your ‘bag’ then you may also have spotted what we also saw, a Mark I Prague escort in light blue in the background. Now that is a rare sight indeed!

Are Prague escorts good for an erotic massage in Prague?

Well this pretty much depends on whether you are talking about one of the wonderful female Czech escorts or Russian girls, or the car. The answer speaks for itself, as the only way you ill get a ‘massage’ from a Ford escort in Prague is if you got run over by one!

Czech escorts are really popular

If you happen to be looking for a Czech escort, then other than the gorgeous ones you will find on SecretGirl Prague, you can check out and you’ll find over 150 of them, though sadly in comparison to Prague escorts (escorts Praha) they don’t look any where near as exciting and tantalising. However, they do go from 0-60 a bit faster!

The best escorts in Prague don’t come with ‘go faster stripes’ or fluffy dice.

The escorts in Prague that you will find through SecretGirl Prague dress to impress and dress appropriately for any occasion. Their ‘fluffy dice’ is more of the exquisite jewellery type, and ‘go faster stripes more likely a streamlined figure-hugging dress!

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