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170 cm

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52 kg

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C (large)

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English, Russian, French

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0,5 hours:
- eur
1 hour:
350 eur
2 hours:
450 eur


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About me

A very romantic, sensual and beautiful girl with typical Slavic and feminine features. She is able to empathize, is direct, empathic and communicative and likes discussing. She is adaptable and good-natured. She is looking for security, safety, being on the firm ground cable and serious relationships. Then she feels more relaxed, open and able to discover new unexplored things and horizons. She has a strong, mysterious aura. She loves sensual and physical closeness. She is very erotically focused, seductive, charming and simultaneously steady and strongly devoted. She is internally very calm, such a patient soul, great and exceptionally positive in various situations. She is also very active and iniciative, and she has a stamina and she can bring things to the successful end. Imagination and vision she easily transforms into reality. She is open to new ideas, ambitions, full of optimism and the courage to embark on new things and tasks. She is very brilliant, swift and endowed with common sense. She is a great tactician and observer. She can trace trends and future developments well. She acts thoughtfully and very reliable. She has all-round talent. She knows advice, knows good advice and is helpful. She likes to be contacted and likes establishing new relationships. Friendship she closes very easily. She is capable of deep and real love and is always ready to fall in love. She likes enjoying all the good. She has innate softness, tenderness, and he does not like conflicts.

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