6 Important Things to Know Before Becoming an Independent Escort

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So you want to make your own hours, be your own boss, and make decent money- all at the same time? Great news! It sounds like becoming an independent escort may just be for you.

Some of the ultimate key points to becoming an independent escort that is sought after and successful aren’t really all that different from the key points that you would find in any other successful business venture. Knowing how to take the next step, or the first one, is simple, once you have some basic knowledge under your belt.

Know Yourself and Your Social Circles

Before you taking any steps to become a successful independent escort, You’ll need to ask yourself a few, sometimes difficult, questions:

  • Am I comfortable having casual sexual encounters with total strangers?
  • Do I care what my friends or family would think of this career path?
  • Am I confident enough in who I am and how I look to create a career that is largely based off of my looks?

While escorting is definitely not for everyone, for those of us who are cut out for it, it can be a genuinely gratifying and lucrative experience. If you’re in a relationship or plan on being in one, if you have children, are close with your family, or have a tight-knit social circle, you’ll have to ask yourself how you think these people would react to your new venture. Not only that, but escorting requires you to be extremely comfortable with how you look. Some people (shitty ones) may try and belittle you or take advantage of you by exploiting any insecurities you may have.

Successful independent escorts do NOT allow this to happen.

Know Your Limits

Knowing for sure what you will, and will not, allow to happen during appointments is the cornerstone of any successful independent escort and her business. Prepare your menu only with services you are perfectly comfortable providing. Don’t feel pressured into adding anything you don’t like, and never allow a client to go off menu unless it was previously discussed (and paid for). Some common menu terms are:

  • GFE- Girlfriend Experience

This is an experience that many men find very provocative. It usually includes BBBJ, FS, and DFK. It is usually a longer appointment and bookings can include date night activities.

  • PSE- PornStar Experience

This is exactly what it sounds like! Sexy, exciting, and porn-fueled sex abounds! Most PSE include Greek

  • BBBJ – Bare Back Blow Job

This is a blowjob without the use of a condom

  • FS – Full Service

This means sex.

  • DFK – Deep French Kissing

Get those tongues a wagging! DFK is something that is commonly thought of as taboo in sex work but offering it can really heat up an evening.

  • Greek – Anal

Greek is the commonly accepted code for anal sex. It’s not everyone’s cup of wine, but for those of us who love it, it can be a real money maker.

Always make sure that your menu reflects what it is that you’re genuinely comfortable providing to your clients. Independent escorts that put offers on their menu that they’re uncomfortable with, end up seeming shocked, stiff, and fake. If clients wanted that, they would just buy a blowup doll.

Know How to Keep Yourself Safe

This is probably one of the most important “knows” in this list. Always ensure your own safety first. If you feel uncomfortable about meeting someone, trust your gut. Make sure that you construct your own process for vetting clients before you take them on. Some important safety tips for any independent escort are:

  • Use the buddy system. Always have a close friend or colleague that knows where you’ll be and for about how long. Make sure to send and receive updates once you’ve arrived and are scheduled to leave.
  • ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. Never, ever, NEVER engage in sexual intercourse without a condom. It’s absolutely not worth risking your health or your career over an extra $50.
  • Get regular STD/Health checks.
  • Always be clear and upfront about your menu and your boundaries. Don’t cross these for anyone.
  • Keep a small amount of emergency cash tucked away at all times, this can get you out of a jam.

Know your brand and your clientele

Every girl who considers becoming an independent escort envisions herself hooking the millionaire clients. It can be done, but you have to look the part. You have to be able to not only act, but think, talk, and look like you belong to their world. Most successful businessmen will not go slumming when it comes to their independent escort choices. Know what type of clientele you are looking for and make sure that you have these platforms set up appropriate to that particular type of client:

  • Professional photoset
  • Professional website
  • Perfect hygiene, hair, nails, makeup, and wardrobe
  • Stay on top of relevant current events, business practices, or pop culture references that are important to your clientele

Know Your Market

Marketing is just as important for any successful independent escort as it is for any other entrepreneur. Knowing how to market yourself to your full potential is paramount to creating a successful business. Most escorting is done online, and having a professional and alluring online presence is incredibly important, for both yourself, returning clients, and potential clients.

Be involved with the community as well. Learning how to network with other professionals is important, not only from a safety perspective but also from a business purview. Being a successful independent escort is relatively easy, as long as you’re in the know.

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