The Ultimate Guide to Erotic Massage Service in Prague

Erotic Massage in Prague

Whether you’re dripping with tension, or electric with excitement, the right erotic massage will leave you blissfully at ease.

Erotic massage services can be a little intimidating if you’re unsure what to expect. Here at SecretGirl Prague, we like to make sure that everyone feels comfortable fulfilling their own individual needs and desires, so we’ve put together a compendium of common erotic massage service, and what to expect before, during, and after, you’re incredible hour with any one of our talented, experienced, and professional erotic masseuses.

Before Your Erotic Massage

Most massage services last at least an hour. Few masseuses will offer 30 minute relaxation services for troubles on the go, but it’s hard to get the full relaxation and experience from anything less than 60 minutes. Remember that the whole reason you’re even looking for an massage service is to relax and connect with your masseuse. Treat yourself and try not to hurry.

Before your  massage service, the masseuse of your choice will help you decide which type of massage service (see below) is best for you. At this point, you will also decide whether your service will be an incall (where you visit the masseuse) or outcall (bring the beauty to you!). Upon arrival to your appointment, it’s important to pay really close attention to your personal hygiene. Many massage service professionals will ask you to shower before they begin. This is a common practice and one that should alarm or offend you, as it’s important for not only the health and comfort of the masseuse, but also for you.

Service During Your Massage Service

Once you’re clean and your masseuse is ready to rub every drop of tension out of your body and mind, you will undress. Depending on the masseuse, undressing can be part of the massage itself, or something that you will do before she enters the room. Each masseuse is different, as is each erotic massage service. We suggest trying out a few different types, of both masseuse and erotic massage service, before deciding which suits you best.

Body to Body

Body to body massage services is when one of our lusty ladies uses not only her hands, but her entire supple and slippery body to work out any tension you may have.


A massage that focuses on the erogenous zones that are exclusive to the masculine persuasion.


Tantra erotic massage service combines breathing techniques, sexual therapy, yoga, and body to body massage for an intensive and full body and mind experience.


Two ladies, one massage. A duo massage service is a spectacular choice for anyone who has ever dreamed of having their worries worked out by two gorgeous women.


Any type of erotic massage service in which the masseuse uses oils or lotions to glide you to a higher consciousness.


A particular form of erotic massage service that incorporates a specific type of Japanese gel lotion into various types of erotic massage.


Ideal for the foot fetishist, or hard working man, footjob erotic massage services work on the erogenous zones of a man’s body using the nimble and perfectly practiced sensuality of a woman’s petite feet.


Prostate massages not only stimulate deep and powerful orgasm, but also incredible total relaxation. Some studies suggest erotic prostate massage can also serve  to improve specific aspects of male health.


Discovering shared sensuality with your partner can open up new horizons in your sexual creativity. Couples erotic massage service provide both parties with a full erotic massage as well as the capability to watch and enjoy your partners experience.

After Your Erotic Massage Service

It’s not uncommon for most men to become emotional, or feel vulnerable following an massage service. They are intensive experiences. Most masseuses will set aside enough time for a cool down period, once all of your pent up tensions have been released. This usually includes quiet time with body contact or cuddling, to let your mind and body relax into the new and incredible experience it’s just had. After that, a heartfelt thank you is always appreciated. Now, go out and enjoy your life with all the freedom and tranquility that a professional massage service can provide.

At SecretGirl Prague, both our agency and independent escorts offer erotic massage services, available for outcall. Browse our homepage for more options of our lusty practitioners.

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