Down and Dirty: 10 Best Adult Night Clubs in Prague. Ever.

Best Adult Night Clubs in Prague

These are hands down the best adult night clubs in Prague for you and your crew to boogie down and hook up. Try and fight it if you must, but there are no questions about it!

You may be asking yourself, why is SecretGirl Prague reviewing Adult night clubs? Easy! It’s because we are experts in all things party and all things Prague! Hitting Prague’s various and incredible night clubs is half the fun of visiting our majestic city.

Whether you’re in town for a Stag Do, a friends holiday or flying solo, our girls make the best tour guides. Prague definitely knows how to party and we’re here to point you in the right direction! Here are our top 10 picks for the Adult night clubs in Prague that you have to see…

Our List: The 10 Best Adult Night Clubs in Prague

1.     Fashion Club

Fashion club is visually perfect in almost every way. From stunning rooftop views, to tasteful modern decor, fine dining, exquisite cocktails, and a dance floor that will keep you entranced all night, Fashion club is always the place to see and be seen! Don’t miss any of their themed parties, because Fashion brings the adult night club scene to the next level with new themed parties every weekend. Trust us, their staff of capable bartenders and gorgeous go-go dancers seriously commit!

2.     Chapeau Rouge

Chapeau Rouge is a little bit quirky and a lotta fun. A great place to mingle with both tourists and locals, Chapeau Rouge is an underground club that has been pumping out great music and even better drinks since 1994. Chapeau Rouge isn’t your standard underground Adult night club – it’s three stories of underground Adult night club. That’s right! Three different levels of underground club scene, including a bar, a dance club, and a live music hall. Now you just have to pick which floor to visit first!

3.     One Club Prague

One Club Prague is definitely our number one as well! More than just a name, One Club secures a place on our list with amazing music, an enormous dance floor with incredible sound and lighting displays, and stunning design that could easily be straight out of Vegas’ famed finery. They also offer bottle service at any of their large and comfortable booth tables, in case you find yourself in need of a place to cuddle up off of the dance floor.

4.     Zlaty Strom Prague

Though not quite a Strip Club, there’s plenty on show here… Scantily clad cage girls. Go Go Dancers. Live DJs. HD Visual dance floor. Zlaty Strom is more than just a visual smorgasbord, it’s an all you can eat buffet! And you’ll definitely be back for seconds. With separate lounge and dance areas, Zlaty provides patrons with an area to cool their heels and enjoy great company as well.

5.     Le Valmont Club & Lounge

We can’t stop gushing over Le Valmont Club & Lounge. Le Valmont oozes Parisian class from ages lost. With ribbon dancers, live shows (featuring gorgeous women), costume and themed parties, expertly made cocktails, and an ambiance to die for, Le Valmont is one of our favorite places for a high-end lounge experience with all of the mystique and entertainment of a top club in Paris. A tip of the (top) hat to La Valmont!

6.     Dejavu Music Club Prague

Dejavu will give you just that! This club is so loud, wild, and fun that it will take you back to University raves. Gorgeous women crowd themselves in sexy tight club clothes all around the dance floor and alcohol is cheap. The bar staff are very generous. This is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for a wild time. Every time we go to Dejavu we are transported straight back to some of our best partying nights, which just happen to be from Dejavu!

7.     Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar Kremencova

While the lounge itself is set in an underground stone basement, the curved walls and vaulted ceilings remind us of a dreamy underground subway station. The dance floor and lounge are pretty much integrated all into one area, so come prepared to party if they have a band on! Nebe is a versatile adult night club, where on the nights they don’t have live music, it’s just a great place to grab a cozy drink.

8.     Viper Lounge Bar & Club

Viper is a Hookah forward lounge and an amazing place, with fantastic staff. We like to stop into Viper on the early side of our night so we can experience the bar and the space before it gets absolutely crazy. And it does, like clockwork. The spacious dance floor and professional light shows pump up the crowd in such a way that a few hundred suddenly feels like thousands! Drinks are cheap and the music is always good. Viper definitely has bite.

9.     DCS, Dance Club

DCS isn’t the usual – get drunk, jump around, yell a lot- kind of adult night club. It’s literally a dance club. Known for their Latin American Nights, DCS will help you perfect your ballroom, salsa, bachata and more, by learning from the masters, then take your new found skills and use them to get to know that cute honey by the bar! Check their online schedule to find out which night is dedicated to what kind of dance and get out there!

10. KU Club & Bar

Gorgeous women, both behind the bar, and in front of it. KU Club has one of the best Adult nightclub atmospheres in Prague. Exquisite drinks poured by busty barmaids, and hookah tables are available. The dance floor is cozy, so you can easily find a spot in the crowd to work your magic. Live DJ’s and ladies in lingerie are a near daily attraction. KU knows how to get your blood pumping with more than just great music!

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