[7 Steps] How to Arrange the Most Epic Bachelor Party in Prague

Stag Dos and Don’ts: 7 Steps to the Most Epic Bachelor Party in Prague

Prague Bachelor Party ready for wedding

What happens at a bachelor party in Prague, stays in Prague, right? But that doesn’t prevent you and your boys from regaling each other with wild stories for years to come. Make sure you give your friends something to talk about for years to come.

Just because you’re not planning to get face tattoos and steal tigers doesn’t mean that you can’t plan an unforgettable evening with your best mates. Bachelor parties in Prague are on trend for a ton of reasons: the booze is cheap, the clubs are amazing, and the women are gorgeous. While you think that these factors alone may be enough to secure yourselves the best time ever, we took some expert advice from the sexiest Prague women we know on how to create the most incredible last night, that will get you to the altar on time and with cash left in your wallets.

1. Get a Suite or Airbnb

The second your plane lands, make a beeline for your accommodation. Looking into a nice suite or a large Airbnb is a great way to have individual places for heads to hit pillows that also offer common spaces for your whole troupe. A shared, private common space allows for the after party to be raucous without pissing off the hotel bartenders.  Make sure that you stock your base camp with extra booze, water, pain medicine, and snacks. Once basic preparations are made, hit the showers and fire up the coffee pot, because it’s always a good idea to start the day right, clean and full of energy.

2. Plan Daytime Activities

Before you go out and go buckwild, make sure that everyone has had decent meals and gets some time to relax and enjoy. Book out a table or two at any of Prague’s amazing restaurants and lounges. Plan out some bucket list bonding activities like white water rafting or assault rifle training. Take a trip around the majestic city and take in the sights from any of the areas beer bike tours. If extreme isn’t your thing, consider lounging on the deck of a boat all day with one of Prague’s famous “Strip Ships”. Prague also caters to the more discerning men of character with Beer Spas or scantily clad manicures. Whatever the best way for you and your guys is to bond, Prague has it. Did we mention the bubble football?

3. Get a Limo Service

Few things set the tone for an evening of dashing debauchery better than travelling around like a rockstar. Prague is mint for private limo services. Many of the top rated gentlemen’s clubs offer services to and from their establishments, but it’s a great idea to book a personal limo for the whole evening. This way it helps prevent drunk driving, trouble with directions, and any of your buds going MIA. For bonus points, hire a party limo with some Prague escort arm candy. The girls can show you around the town while also showing of their pole skills en route.

4. Use the Buddy System

Hiring a few of the finest Prague escorts to accompany you throughout your nighttime travels in an excellent, and very enjoyable, way to make sure that everyone is present and accounted for. Your titillating tour guides will happily provide suggestions on Prague’s hottest hangouts and best bars. Most of our girls are natives or have been in the city for quite a while, so if you’re looking for some insider knowledge on what the city can offer, and someone to keep you and any of your friends from becoming casualties of scams, then our busty buddy system is it.

5. Shake it Up

Prague offers a staggering amount of bars, lounges, night clubs, discos, strip clubs, and private gentlemen’s clubs. To keep yourself from drowning in options, or engaging in a hapless drunken pub crawl where you don’t really get to experience any of the amazing places that Prague has to offer, do a bit of recon and sketch out a rough idea of which of the clubs you and your crew would most like to see. Unlike other Bachelor destinations – like Vegas – some of the best clubs in Prague are off the beaten path, but worth the (limo) ride time. know where to go and roughly how much time you think you’d like to spend in these little pockets of paradise.

6. Scheduled Down Time

Nothing is worse than being hungover on a plane, incoherently shuffling through an airport while battling a headache that would make the manliest of you beg for death. Try and book an extra day and night for recap and recoup. Start with a heavy breakfast at any of Prague’s classic diners and then return to your accommodation for a nap and give your gang some time with sit back and enjoy recalling last night’s (hazy) events. It also give you time to regain any lost dignity and get that sharpie off of your face. Now is a great time to consider scheduling an in-house massage, or even hiring an agency girl to just come cook you all breakfast in bikini briefs.

7. Fly Away

After such a great weekend, heading home can be a daunting task, but fear not, Prague will be here, quietly creating innovations in the wide world of party going and piss ups, ready for when the next one of you takes the plunge into marital bliss.

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