How to make your Prague escort (escort Praha) laugh and to help break the ice

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If you feel a little nervous meeting any of the Czech escorts or Russian girls you will find on SecretGirl Prague and are not sure how to break the ice and enable both of you to relax fully, humour is a universal language. Escorts in Prague are no different to escorts the world over, so we thought we’d provide you with something guaranteed to make them laugh, thanks to the well-known director Blake Edwards, best known for his Pink Panther films with Peter Sellers.

Using humour is a great way to hit it off with an escort in Prague

As most Prague escorts can speak English to a reasonable level, you should have little trouble explaining the backdrop to what takes place in the video.

Zach, played by John Ritter, is a ‘sex addict’ and is forever ending up in disastrous situations as a consequence. Having had his house burned down by an ‘ex’ he finds himself staying in a hotel. On this particular evening there is a row going on in the room below between Rick and Amy, so he goes down to tell them to be quiet. There is instant chemistry between Zach and Amy, but nothing happens.

After a further row between Rick and Amy, Rick storms off and Amy calls Zach and suggest he come down. Well, one thing leads to another, at which point Zach needs to find a condom. Amy tells him that Rick has some in the bedside cabinet. On examining the packet, Zach announces that apparently these condoms are designed to maintain arousal, after which he disappears off into the bathroom. He then reappears….


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Only because we love this film so much, if you can find it to rent, we cannot recommend this highly enough, even though it is now 30 years old. One other scene that will have you in hysterics is where Zach books himself into a health clinic and ends up receiving electrotherapy from yet another of his ‘exes’, Needless to say the encounter does not go well, but we wanted to assure you that the same fate would not befall you at the end of an erotic massage in Prague!  


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