Your first encounter with an escort in Prague

Beautiful escort standing in front of city lights

Finding an escort in Prague is amazingly easy

Prague is one of the most exiting cities in the world. Wouldn’t you like it to explore it with a very beautiful woman? A Prague escort will be impossibly gorgeous and very eager to please you in ways you don’t even know that exist. She’ll also be very discreet and accommodate to your needs. You desire an overnight companion? You want a dinner date? You need a gorgeous lady to go with you to an especial event? You long for a sexy massage? You got it. The city is worldly famous as one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Therefore, the chances of you finding a high-class escort that’s exactly like you desire are very high.

The magic starts with a call. The reason why the women who provide escort services are often called “call girls” it’s because the man must make a phone call to an agency to meet her (And the agency will ask for references from another client). The agency will tell you the measurements, the hair colour, the age and weigh of the available women. This may be enough for you. But it’s recommendable to ask for further details. You may ask questions about her personality or ethnic background. You may also be interested in some no-conventional sexual activity, such as costumes, bondages or anal sex. If this is the case, you should say it when you make the first phone call. If you explain what you want, the agency might recommend you a woman who specializes in your preference.

The ideal moment to call is from five PM till twelve AM. It’s the time when the majority of the ladies are working and the best ones are still available. Even though many services operate for twenty-four hours a day, not a lot of girls continue working at four am, and they tend to be pretty wore out at that point.

Which girls are working as Prague escorts

The majority of women who work as escorts in Prague are adults who do so voluntarily. You’d be happy to know that prostitution isn’t illegal in Prague. However, it has several restrictions meant to keep it away from the eye of the general public. Some activities related to prostitution are forbidden, such as pimping, soliciting in a public place, advertising for sex or running a brothel.

Which men prefer dating Prague escorts

All kinds of men choose to spend time with a call girl rather than ask a regular girl out. Men of all ages and romantic status. There’s no identified trait of a man who resorts to an escort. Now, why would a man spend thousands of dollars in an escort? When asked this question, a frequent client who chose to state anonymous answered explaining that the men who hire escorts could very well get a date in the traditional way but “prefer the simplicity of an arrangement with an escort”.

Enjoy your date with your Prague escort

The most important thing is not to get too nervous about making a great impression. Nobody will care about your size or stamina. That hot woman has been with many men who are far worse than you. She very likely had drunk clients who became violent, other who fail to come and refuse to pay. She has met a lot of freaks. So, if you are nice to her, if you treat her right, she’ll be happy. She’s giving you a service you want and she’s a woman, so she deserves to be treated with respect. Embrace the chance to learn. She’ll probably enjoy being your teacher.

Remember: if your first time with an escort was not everything you dreamed it’d be, you should simply try again. It could have been because you were too emotional, or you chose a lady that didn’t happen to be your type, or you may not have been fully aware of what you desired. It is not unusual failing to reach climax with an escort on the first time. Some people need time to get used to the idea of having sex with a complete estranger. Yet, you’ll get into it. Once you do, you’ll realize that it was worth it. You’ll be able to experience everything you imagined in your wildest fantasies.


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