It’s My First Time With Prague Escorts

First Time With Prague Escorts

Nobody forgets their first time. Of all the clients that come to the city, the ones who are visiting Prague escorts for the first time are some of the best! Seriously, first-timers have nothing to worry about.

Here’s a little advice on what to expect and how to present yourself so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. It’s perfectly understandable that you would have questions that may not be as easily answered by friends or family members… Just think of it like dating advice, because that’s essentially what it is. Everyone is rooting for you to have the absolute best first time in Prague!

There’s a bunch of different reasons that people seek out the company of  Prague escorts. Sometimes it’s something as innocuous as a good time, or a fun way to get shown around the town. Others check out sites like ours because they’re shy or have trouble expressing themselves without the comfort of a professional. Others are in the mood for something specific… Any one of these reasons, plus a bunch more, are perfectly acceptable and fully understandable. Don’t forget that we are here to take care of your needs. Trusting our Prague escorts to do just that is the first thing that can ease anxiety when meeting our girls for the first time.

Depending on the appointment type, you may be meeting Prague escorts at your hotel, on the town, or at another place that you’ve both decided on. Before you book, take a minute to be real with yourself. What is it that you want? Make sure that when you’re searching for the right girl, that you’re able to be comfortable in finding one that suits your needs. Once you’ve found the perfect escort, here are some general guidelines that are sure to make your date night spectacular…

6 Tips for Being a Gentleman with your Prague Escort:

1. Be Tidy

A clean room and a tidy appearance will go a long way in making your escort comfortable with you from the get go. It will also give your own confidence a boost! Just like with any other date, you want to make your best impression.

2. Be a gentleman

We know that you’re excited to meet us, and we’re just as excited to meet you, but don’t jump straight into the sexy stuff. Give yourself time to get comfortable with the girl. This allows time to find out what’s really going to get your engine revving. Any good Prague escort will have a wealth of erotic massage and sexy skills up her sleeve and we want to know which ones fit you best.

3. Be prepared for a health check

Not that we’re planning on snapping on a glove and performing a cough test (unless you’re into that kinda thing),  but it’s perfectly normal for an escort to want to inspect your ‘equipment’ and even ask you to shower. It’s not a commentary on your hygiene, but something all clients should do – purely to ensure the safety and happiness of everyone.

4. Be respectful 

Getting things started vary from client to client and escort to escort. Depending on what was discussed before the appointment, we’ll start to get an idea for what sort of experience you’re looking for. Following the lead of your escort is spectacular, but we also don’t mind if you want to move things along. Just make sure that you’re a gentleman about it.

Asking things like “would you like me to kiss you?” or “Can we go to the bedroom now?” are perfect ways to let our Prague escorts know exactly where your comfort level is. Before initiating penetration of any kind (any orifice, and any object, be it your finger or your rock hard cock), make sure and ask if that’s what she would like as well. Being respectful of your escort’s wants and needs enables her to be respectful of yours. It’s a lot more fun when everyone is enjoying themselves!

5. Be Safe

Depending on what you’ve booked and what you’d like, Prague escorts will find a way to please you best. Know ahead of time that sex without a condom – even oral sex – is never on the menu. We’re not just protecting ourselves, but we’re also protecting you!

6. Be Punctual

Whether it’s being on time to start the appointment, or being aware of when your time is up, being punctual will save quite a bit of awkwardness. Most appointments will end with 10 or 15 minutes left to chat, cuddle, or shower. At the end of an appointment, your lady will gather her things and prepare to make her exit. If you’ve had a good time, a tip or even a heartfelt thank you is always appreciated. Don’t feel pressured to promise another booking, and remember that even though you’ve paid for their company, they’ve genuinely enjoyed themselves too.

Chances are that if you’ve acted like a gentleman and treated the girls like a guest and a lady – you’ve shown them an amazing time! This is why so many Prague escorts, love their jobs. Meeting new people and finding ways to please you are the things that truly make escorting a really fun job to be in.

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