Prague Escorts Tell All

Pague escorts Tell All

Ever wonder what’s really happening behind those big eyes? Our interview with one of our Prague escorts reveal what she’s really thinking about…

Q: What got you into being an escort?

 A: I have always loved having sex. It’s just such a simple exchange between two people. You are horny, you fuck, you leave. I was always too busy to involve myself in relationships. They were complicated and I felt like I wasn’t, that I didn’t want that in my life. Working with Prague escorts gave me the option to turn something I really enjoy into a career. That’s the dream isn’t it?

Q: What’s your favorite part about your job?

 A: Pleasing people. I love getting to show my clients just what I can do for them. Seeing someone come in, who is maybe down and a bit sad, and then after an hour of erotic massage, watching them bound out of the room, with a smile on their face. I love the fantasy of it… for a short period of time I get to be exactly what someone wants! I don’t have to keep the pretense up after they leave, I can just go about my life as normal, but for however long we spend together, I am exactly what they want, I get to do and enjoy the things that they do and enjoy. It makes me feel really good.

Q: What sort of services do you offer?

 A: Prague escorts offer all types of services, sometimes it depends on whether you’re an independent escort or an agency escort. Me personally, I am an agency escort. So I feel like I have a very particular clientele and skill set. The most popular service I provide is GFE or the “girlfriend experience”. But, I do include anal, oral, and sometimes role play. I really love it when a client really enjoys a sweet girlfriend experience – like with dinner or something – and then we go and have really hot, naughty sex in a hotel room. It feels so real, almost forbidden too at the same time.

“Prague escorts offer all types of services… I have a very particular clientele and skill set.”

Q: Do you like working for an agency?

 A: Quite a bit! I was independent for a while, which is great in in its own way, but I really like working for an agency because it gives me more time to focus on my clients. They also provide really great advertising, like photos and things. It’s also nice just to have a support system and girls you do it with. All in all, it’s a really great setup for me in my life for right now.

Q: What’s your ideal client like?

 A: Honestly? A gentleman. You don’t have to be rich, or gorgeous, or smart, or charming… Just be a gentleman and treat me like a lady. Almost every client I’ve ever had has been a gentleman.  I think that one thing most people don’t understand however is that Prague escorts are humans. We are classy and smart. We’re not gold diggers or home-wreckers. We provide a very distinct and discrete service to those who need it. We are ladies and really enjoy being treated as such.

Q: So do you have an advice for a potential client?

 A: Yes. Just relax! Any experience with Prague escorts should be a great one! We’re here for you and servicing you the way you want to be serviced is what makes us happy. Booking Prague escorts isn’t difficult and, on top of that, being an escort is legal [in Prague] – so it takes out a lot of the worry and frustration for most people. Again – manners go a long way. If you treat us with respect, you’ll have a much better time. Lastly, make sure that you’re honest and open about what you want. I can’t say it enough, fulfilling your fantasy is what really turns us on, so don’t be intimidated.

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