Prague Escorts – No Rutting Necessary

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The beauty of choosing any of the beautiful escorts in Prague (escort Praha) is that you don’t have to go through any long-standing human-nature-driven challenges to win their attention. Sure, if you decide to go out on the town to make the most of their wonderful company, you will have to deal with subtle looks of jealousy from other men around you, but you won’t find yourself being challenged to a duel for their ‘affection’.

Not only Czech Escorts, but Russian girls too

We have evolved as a race where now, having a phone and a credit card is a far easier means of finding yourself a beautiful woman, and when it comes to Czech escorts, you certainly won’t be disappointed. More to the point, you don’t have to restrict yourself to Czech escorts, as there are also plenty of Russian girls who, if you have come across them before (excuse the pun) are just as wonderful and alluring.

The things we do to win a woman’s heart don’t apply where Prague escorts are concerned.

When we look back to our youth (which may be further back for some than others!), we’ve all done things we thought were ‘cool’ to get noticed and impress someone of the fairer sex. More often than not, it probably wasn’t such a good idea, but at least we lived to tell the tale. Unfortunately, according to the Darwin Awards, this wasn’t the case for two young Taiwanese students.

The Darwin Awards relate to the ‘thinning out of the gene pool’ where individuals have carried out acts of an extremely stupid and poorly thought out nature, ultimately resulting in their demise. The tale of these two students was reported as follows:

“(October 2004, Chiayi, Taiwan) Most rutting contests involve two male mammals, like the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis dallis), which ram into each other at high speed in order to impress a female sheep and win the right to procreate. These mammals tend to have unusually thick skulls and extra fluid surrounding the brain to prevent damage from the competition. Humans tend not to have such thick skulls and other natural adaptations, and therefore do not generally rut.

Of course, man, the tool user, can find artificial means to overcome natural limitations. One well-known example of this behavior is the medieval jousting contest in which participants wear armour and ride horses toward each other at high speed.

The most recent observation of human rutting behaviour occurred when two Taiwanese university students donned protective helmets and revved their motor scooters in an effort to impress a comely female of their species. The two were the same class, but not friends. Other classmates reported that both men fancied the same female student.

After indulging in a few drinks during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the two encountered each other, and words were spoken. The gauntlet was thrown down. In lieu of horses, the two would ride their motor scooters at each other at high speed, and the one who didn’t turn away would win the exclusive right to pursue the female.

Obviously, both were very keen on her because neither of them turned away. Their scooters collided head-on at 50 mph. Both died instantly. The girl at the centre of the rut refused to comment, other than to say that she “wasn’t interested in either of them.”

An erotic massage in Prague would be even less strenuous

If the thought of any form of romantic challenge leaves you feeling unsettled, then the easiest way to relax would be to treat yourself to an erotic massage in Prague and let all your cares and worries drift away, thanking yourself you aren’t a lovestruck Taiwanese student, or a Longhorn sheep for that matter.

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