Enjoy Your Money Having Sex in Prague. Be the King!

Having Sex in Prague

Get more bang for your buck. Literally. Sex in Prague may be inexpensive, but it’s definitely not cheap.

Prague can take your currency and your leisure farther than most other travel destinations in Europe. With favorable exchange rates, and a nightlife that won’t quit. Prague will certainly keep you up for days. While your head may be hurting, your wallet most certainly won’t be.

Prague offers its visitors any number of magical experiences that you’re unable to get anywhere else. Sex in Prague reaches new heights thanks to friendly laws, gorgeous women, and epic experiences that won’t break your budget. You can expect to pay far less for any one of Prague’s luxury experiences than you would be paying in other top destination cities across Europe and the United States.

While the price tag may be much lower than what you’re used to, the quality of goods and services that Prague offers exceeds the norm. Almost everything about this city will have you expecting more from any travel destination you visit in the future. Surely, sex in Prague won’t be the only thing you’ll be longing for on your return trip home.


Sex in Prague: Finding the right girl

Finding the right girl to warm your bed and heat up your nights is difficult. But not for the reasons you may think. Prague offers visitors a massive selection of stunning and talented women. High end escorts are so easy to find and affordable, that you’ll find yourself struggling with all the options.

If you’re a first timer to this fine city, definitely check out their staggering array of agency escorts.


Agency Escorts

While agency escorts are traditionally more expensive than Independent escorts, agency escorts in Prague start around as little as $160 an hour. This is a massive discount to what you would expect to pay for a high end agency discount in other countries.

Agencies also offer their clients a few distinct perks when it comes to having better sex in Prague. With an escort agency, you can choose women based on your needs or their looks, so no more filing through thousands of photos. You can also expect better continuity and a higher class selection of girls.

Agency escorts are the perfect choice is you plan on having them accompany you to social functions or a night out. As many agencies require that their girls not only know how to have sex in Prague, but also know how to act, and look, perfectly.

An agency can act as your personal concierge service when it comes to hiring the right escort. They have attendants available that will help you find exactly the right girl for whatever evening you have planned. Agencies also offer mutual vetting services, so you know that whatever girl you’re getting is the one you’ve chosen.


Independent Escorts

Independent escorts are ideal for a quickie in between hectic work schedules, or pressured travel plans. Many independent escorts offer their clients a 30 minute service option. Because of the lack of service fees that an agency escort is required to pay, many independent escorts cost a little less. Leaving you having more sex in Prague with more money in your wallet.

The quality of independent escorts vary. You can definitely find beautiful and skilled ladies, but it takes a little more leg work to secure these women than it would via an agency.

Always make sure to check out review boards or escort forums before you hire any escort. It’s a good idea to look at reviews that are independent of an escort directory site, to make sure that they are unbiased and genuine. It’s a good idea to do some leg work and google the ladies stage name prior to booking. Many independent escorts have their own websites that can give you an ideal of their level of professionalism.

For more detailed information on the differences between agency and independent escorts, check out our Escorting 101 post.

Erotic Massage Providers

Erotic massage is one of our favorite ways to have sex in Prague. After hours spent in a noisy and crowded airport, and the uncomfortable confines of taxis with lugging around your heavy baggage, what would be better than a massage?

Many erotic massage providers are absolutely gorgeous and dedicated to making sure all of your aches and pains are alleviated. Even if you’re just aching for some sexual release.

Erotic massage providers are able to come straight to your hotel room, leaving you all the time you need to relax from the exhausting experience of international travel. There are multiple options to choose from, depending on what type of relaxation you are looking for.


Sex in Prague: Finding the right venue

Sure, sex in Prague is great, but with the wide variety and affordable prices of the finest escorts in the city, who wants to just bang one out and bail?

Snag yourself one of Prague’s stunning ladies and hit the town. Enjoy feeling like a king with a sexy woman hanging on your arm as you make tracks to incredible nightclubs and fine restaurants. Sex in Prague isn’t the only thing that is affordable in this wild city. Five star dining, VIP bottle service, and even limo rental will cost a fraction of the price that it would in other countries.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens in Prague will have your friends hanging on your every word for years to come. Few other places offer you the ability to live in finery no matter what your income is. It’s easy to make yourself the envy of every other man in the room, no matter what venue you choose.

Prague nightlife has a number of incredible clubs where you can enjoy your evening in style. Listen to live music, or enjoy expertly made cuisine by some of the most influential chefs in the world. Sip on exquisite cocktails while you watch beautiful women dance the night away. In Prague you can enjoy every hard earned cent to its fullest.


Sex in Prague: Finding the right place

The best way to bask in the luxury of the gorgeous city is to check into the right hotel. Because while you’re having the best sex in Prague, make sure that you’ve got the best bed, sheets, showers, and baths at your disposal as well.

In Prague, you can easily book a room at a five star hotel for less than $150 a night. With suites starting under $300. Amenities like spas and room service are offered at almost every high end and palatial property. Nothing says class quite like impressive your lady with a gorgeous and comfortable hotel room that has all the finery you could want.

Many of Prague’s finer hotels also offer a restaurant with an equally satisfying quality of food. Which is ideal, should you work up an appetite in your room.

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