My Night With Escorts in Prague

Alright – full disclosure, I’ve hung out with escorts in Prague before. I was in town several years ago for a mates stag do, and we hired some Prague escorts to join us for some laughs. It wasn’t a date, they honestly just accompanied us to a few bars and clubs and performed some private striptease for us in our hotel. As far as I know, nobody got laid. It was just a fun night out with some fit birds on our arms.

Let me tell you. It was fucking incredible. Those girls know exactly how to have a good time. It was like having the sexiest tour guides in the world. Anyway, so years ago I hang out with some escorts in Prague and have a really great time. So I’m in Prague again a few years later, and this time I’m solo on business. I think to myself that it would be really nice just to head out for a pint with some hot chick around to keep me company. I’ve got money to burn and time to waste. I hire an escort from the website that we used all those years ago because we had such great results then. I book this gorgeous girl for a few hours, because I figure it’ll take me a decent amount of time, or boose, to get myself up to the task of banging someone I’ve just met. I make some dinner plans and check out some of the incredible bars and music venues that Prague’s got in spades.

The plan?

So everything is all planned out, I’ve got the cash in hand, and I’m sitting there with a tumbler of decent whiskey when I start worrying about things. What would my mates think? Shit, what would my boss think? Is my hotel room clean? Did I remember to put on cologne? Jesus. Did I put on too much cologne? I’m sitting there, spiralling, over all of these inconcequental things wondering if I should just duck the entire appointment when this stunning girl walks up to my table. She asks if my name is, well, my name. I assume she’s checking, inconspicuously, that I’m the same guy that booked.Where I’d also had to give my photo ID, I assume she knows me by sight, I mean, even though its a right minging picture, there’s still some resemblance. The question, for some reason, flusters me. “One and the same love” Fuck. I not only sound like an idiot, but a prick as well. While I immediately launch into a stumbled apology for the cavalier greeting, she starts laughing.

It wasn’t that bullshit brittle sound that some women tend to make when they’re expected to be polite; but a genuine, full belly laugh and a smile that hits her eyes while it lights up the entire room. Suddenly the tension and doubt crack. I start laughing with her. In a matter of moments I went from feeling like some dumb kid at his primary dance, to feeling like an adult, sharing time with a beautiful woman. We spend our time at the bar chatting about me. It felt a bit odd at first, as everything else was so quintessentially “first date” like, not to be asking her about her personal particulars, but once I got used to it, it was really nice. For the first time in a looooooong time, I felt like someone was genuinely interested in my life. What I was doing, where I was going, what I wanted.

The Prague Escort?

Not only that, but this woman was incredible. She didn’t just interest herself in my life, but gave me the sense that absolutely zero other things, or people, mattered. It’s one thing to purchase sex, and quite another to purchase self confidence. Maybe I should worry about how selfish it was to feel that good about someone finally prioritizing me, but I don’t. I don’t worry about it because for me, it seemed similar to the way I’ve heard my female friends talk about the way they feel about a day at the spa. It’s nice to have someone faff over you. I’ll admit it.

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