What Do Escorts in Prague Offer?

Prague Escort in Action

Knowing what types of services that escorts in Prague offer is the key to making sure you book the right girl.

Whether you’re looking for the 3G, MG, BDSM, or just a good ol’ fashioned GFE, there are escorts in Prague that are tailor made for you! Providing you know what you’re looking for, and what these sometimes confusing terms can mean. We’ll take a minute and crack down what exactly all these things mean as well as what quality ASPs in Prague can offer.

To decrypt some of the commonly used abbreviations in escorting, you can always turn towards an online sex games translator. Or, you can skip the shenanigans all together and just go to Prague! Prostitution and escorting are perfectly legal in the Czech Republic, so the use of convoluted terminology isn’t necessary.

Services on Offer with Escorts in Prague

3G – Just to scratch the itch we’ve created, because we’re nice like that, 3G is get in, get fucked, get out. Many escorts in Prague offer this. This is usually a half hour to an hour booking with very little preamble, and just as straightforward as it sounds.

MG – Massage girl. Many escorts in Prague offer erotic massage. This is when your lusty lady of choice gives you a massage and ends it on a very happy note.

BDSM – Bondage, Discipline, & Sado-Masochism. This pretty much encompasses all things about power exchange play. Scripts are negotiated with each escort before appointments are started. Your escort will go over exactly what type of power play she offers. She’ll cover safe words, safety guidelines and your overall expectations.

GFE – The Girlfriend Experience. This is when the fantasy provides a client with the feeling of a girlfriend, someone that is loving and attentive. With a GFE, the client gets more of a ‘date-like love making’ than a paid for experience like a 3G. Usually talking, cuddling, and sex are definitely on the menu here. This is a great option if you’re looking for event specific companionship as well.

These aren’t all of the skills, fantasies, and experiences that escorts in Prague offer. Most ladies will advertise what experiences they offer in their initial bios along with pictures and measurements, so you can get a pretty detailed idea of what they offer before you attempt to book. Other popular services include 69, role play, fetish play, fantasy play, anal, and striptease options.

Umbrella Terms Prague Escorts May Use

Role Play: Involves two or more people that act out specific roles in a sexual fantasy. It’s often used as foreplay and a way to overcome sexual inhibitions. It can also be used to explore otherwise unavailable, or ethically questionable, sexual desires. Example: John asked Mary to dress up like a 16 year old Japanese anime character, because fucking an underaged cartoon character in real life is just as illegal as it is impossible.

Fetish Play: A fetish is any sexual arousal that’s stimulated by an inanimate object, or body part, not traditionally associated with sex. Example: Mary sat on a cake and then had John eat her ass, because she loved baking so much, and that really turned her on.

Fantasy Play: Fantasy play can include both role and fetish play, but it is the indulgence in sexual fantasy that one partner, or even both, have. One of the most common forms of Fantasy Play is Age play. Example: John loved to dress up like a baby and have Mary take care of him. Mary really enjoyed the fantasy of breastfeeding and taking care of John.

We hope this helps clear up some confusions, and even help you more confidently explore your own sexuality! But, if you’re still confused about what’s on a menu, or what your sexual preferences qualify as, seek the professional wisdom of escorts in Prague who’ll gladly oblige you!

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